Murchison Consulting was part of one of the biggest wins in California Coastal Commission history.

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The entitlement process in any city can be complex, costly and time-consuming.  Each year, it seems to become even more of a challenge for developers and business owners.  

At Murchison Consulting, we pride ourselves on having strong relationships with The Mayor, City Council, City Managment and Staff in order to cut through the bureaucratic red tape. From initial planning to receiving your entitlements, we understand the process and your sense of urgency. We work expeditiously, thoroughly and with a sense of pride in your achievement.  



Successful developers and business owners understand the importance of Public Affairs as it relates to their businesses. They also understand the importance of having the appropriate partner (lobbyist) on their side in order to be successful.

At Murchison Consulting, we have a positive and successful history with key city stakeholders, local communities, business groups and the like, which allows us to get time in front of them with projects. Being able to provide quick responses and fast approvals is what gives you the upper hand, ultimately saving time and money.



Media relations is very important in the political world. Using the media to communicate a client's newsworthy message, story or information is very important to the success of the project.

Our goal is to advocate on behalf of our clients so the information is well understood and in a positive light. Our relationships with the local media allows us to get the right word out quickly.

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